I always feel a need to share information concerning this website when it may have or will effect you the visitor.

If you have visited this website over the last week you may have seen things looking a little odd. There were a couple of days in which your address bar would have shown. “old.bradmangas.com” instead of bradmangas.com. Then there would have been a couple of days in which there was actually an older version of this sight loading. Older as in from about 3 months ago.

It’s All Good

Rest assured it was not major issues but the result of some changes that have taken place. Those changes included moving this website to new more secure and faster server along with the implementation of an SSL certificate for the website.

You can still get here the same way you have in the past, nothing has changed, except for a faster and more secure experience. This has been another step in improvements that I am commented to making and continuing.

It was a little nerve racking on my end as things didn’t go as quickly as hoped. But as the say, all’s well that end’s well. I applogies for any inconvience it may have caused. I know that for at least two day the gallery was not reachable and orders could not be placed.

Not that things are up and running smooth I have much catching up to do. There are plans to get a couple new products in the shop for the holidays. I will be traveling for week beginning Oct. 28 on my annual Autumn Road Trip. And there writing that needs to be concentrated on.

I always appreciate your time in stopping by and hope you continue to do so. Enjoy the change of the seasons it’s always a great time of the year!

Landscape Photography

Ephemera | ©Brad Mangas

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