Been a while since my last post so I better get things rolling again. Over the years I have been somewhat sporadic on my posts here. One of the no no’s when it comes to having a blog. Hard to keep people interested when they don’t know when new post’s will be added. As much as I would love to be able to set definite timelines on new post’s and all other things new I am just not able to. Time marches on whether I maintain deadlines or not. So in all honesty I must not commit to something I may not be able to commit to.

With that being said, I have no reason to believe there will be any less personal observations, stories, or new happenings continued to be added here. And as I have said many times in the past I will truly attempt to put more effort into this blog. Truth be known I really love having a blog though it may be hard to tell at times. I see this little corner of the internet world much more than “just” a blog. I had to stop and look up blog, I don’t think I had ever done that. According to Wiki it’s simply a place where information is published on the web. Yeah, guess that sums it up. But it has always seemed much more than that to me. Kind of like a notebook is much more that “just” a notebook once it becomes your diary. It takes on a complete personality all it’s own.

Over the last 6 weeks or so I have, as I regular do, made it out into nature on regular occasions. If you have read my previous posts and subsequent interview that it links to you would have read a few statements about what I do and the feeling of new or at minimum a differing approach I have felt over the last many months. This difference is not just a want or need to create something new, but a sense that what I create must mean something. As opposed to just being a photograph of something. It is almost impossible for me to put what I mean or am feeling into words. All I know is when I explore the lands and places that have deep meaning to me and have for many many years I find myself doing much more thinking and much less photography. This initially has been a source of frustration, but I am slowly becoming less frustrated and much more inquisitive as to what it is I am searching for. I am beginning to realize it is a mistake to sit idle and think I will know it when I see it. I now believe I must create what I feel  and that it is somehow trapped inside longing to be released. This releasing of thoughts and experiences must happen or it may never be able to manifest itself.

This may be something so subtle it would hard for others to notice. It is not about others taking notice but entirely about a personal reflection that I notice. Time will tell when, what, or how this takes place. Try as I might I will continue to march on.

One of the things that I have done that is part of this incremental progress has been to complete a new work area in my home. I spent a weekend rearranging almost half of my downstairs area to now have a large easy to work in place. The funny thing is, now that I have a large dedicated area I’m not sure where to begin!

Here are some thoughts I have on what and how I plan on producing:

I will continue to create the highest quality prints on fine art papers. Instead of the traditional mounting, matting, and framing behind glass my thoughts are to first, after the printing is complete, mount the completed prints to a firm substrate. Such as thick archival mount board, gator board or something similar, even wood is an option. Then apply a protective coating to the print. This will replace the need for glass or acrylic. The only real purpose of placing a print behind glass is for protection. Plus, in the case of transporting or shipping glass becomes a real problem. I am not a big fan of prints behind glass so I will need to provide an alternative to glass, such as a sprayed or rolled on protective coating. This will require something such as a spray booth or at minimum a completely dust free and well ventilated environment. I’m still working on that part of my work area.

Once these steps are complete my plan is to frame these now mounted and protected prints in a float frame which will eliminate the need for a mat, or possibly a more traditional frame using linen frame liners instead of traditional matting. The float frame idea appeals more to me. The issue then is how to frame these is such a way that the print appears to be floating withing the frame. Custom mounting methods will need to be created on my part to accomplish this.

There are a few of my many ideas that I will be spending time on in the coming months. I have lots of experimenting to do. Many trials and many errors are in my future for sure. I am looking forward to all of them.

I hope to take some pictures of my attempts to accomplish this as I proceed and hopefully share them here as I go.

On a final note, Prints Of The Month have been updated and brought up to date. ( I really slacked off the last few months I know). The gallery site has continued to have new work added on a regular basis. And if you follow me on social media, mostly at my facebook page you will have been seeing regular posts there.

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Grazing Grace

Grazing Grace – Late day light streaming down onto The Kansas Flint Hills as the cattle enjoy their peaceful grazing time. ©Brad Mangas