I know, you’re probably wondering, coffee? What the…

I appreciate you taking a moment to check this support option out. Buying me a cup of coffee is a somewhat figure of speech. Here’s the deal. I have teamed up with “buymeacoffee.com” to help with this support option.

So what is this “buymeacoffee” you may be asking. Buymeacoffee is a community of artists and creators which enables them to receive support from those who may wish to offer it. In other words, it is an online platform that allows those who choose to do so, help support the artists and creators they want.

I have set this opportunity up as simple as possible with a single one time support option available. No strings attached or future commitment. Of course you can provide a small token of support any time you want….just sayin ;)

It is a simple and easy way to help support artists and creators. In this case that would be me. Truth is, I can say without hesitation there is a good chance any support you choose to make may indeed go towards coffee. From PT’s, Blackout, Kicking Horse, to Lavazza, or Don Pablo. Or even on the road from a local coffee shop. It is a constant companion in most all creative endeavors.

The purpose of this page is simple. If you enjoy visiting this site it would be super awesome if you help me keep it going. I don’t place advertisements or affiliate links of any kind here. Basically, I don’t attempt to monetize any portion of this site other than through the sale of my work. I guess it is that strong belief in being “self sufficient”. But I will accept a cup of coffee if someone offers. I am only human you know ;)

Just click the button below to check out my quick, easy, and secure, support page. From there you can choose what you would like to do. If you choose to help support my ongoing creative endeavors you will have my sincere appreciation. Any donation you choose to give is accepted with gratitude. I will consider you a real kindred spirit. Here’s to a nice cup of coffee with friends.