Yeah I know, your probably wondering, coffee? What the…

I appreciate you taking a moment to click on the coffee link, even if just out of curiosity. Coffee is my main choice of mojo when performing most photography related endeavors. Whether enjoying it at home while processing images or making it over a campfire while out in the wilderness, it seems to be my constant companion. 

The purpose of this page is simple. If you enjoy visiting my website it would be super awesome if you help me keep it going. I don’t place advertisements or affiliate links of any kind here. Basically, I don’t attempt to monetize any portion of this site other than through the sale of my work. I guess it is that strong belief in being “self sufficient”. But I will accept a cup of coffee if someone offers. I am only human you know ;)

So, if you would like, you could help by buying me a cup of mojo. Or you could fill my thermos for the next short outing, or if you are feeling really spunky provide the coffee for my next multi-day adventure. Any option is good for me, so the choice is yours. If you do, I will consider you a real kindred spirit. 

All donations are processed through PayPal. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Buy me one cup of good coffee: $2.00

Fill my thermos: $5.00

Coffee for my next adventure: $10.00