Fine Art Photography For Sale

The galleries of images on this site are curated collections of work that have been produced from 2008 to the present. New work is added and older works are remastered on a continuous basis. Galleries are representative of prints that are available in the shop and offered through Fine Art America.

Prints of images are offered as open editions. I do not offer or support the idea of the so-called “limited edition.” Since, in all honesty, there is no such thing as a limited edition in today’s modern era. A term that once had merit for the true nature of art production, it is used today as nothing more than a marketing scheme to charge higher prices. You can read more about these details in the article I wrote when this decision was made. Limited Edition Prints and What the “Limited Editions” Photographers Don’t Want You To Know.

I have always offered no-obligation consultation to customers large and small. It is important you are completely comfortable and confident with any purchase. If you have any questions or concerns I will do my very best to provide prompt, accurate, detailed, and above all, honest answers.

Since 2010 I have continued to build professional business relationships with some of the most prominent fine art printing companies in business today. Personal service is available for custom and specific needs. You can currently find my growing collection of work available through Fine Art America. This option offers you a quick, easy, affordable buying opportunity, with a large variety of buying options for all images. Fine Art America is a producer of premium artwork worldwide. Read more about the sale of fine art photography here.

I appreciate your consideration and the opportunity in your fine art nature photography needs.

When I Put My Sales Hat On

First of all, I do not like wearing a sales hat, it is uncomfortable, and never has fit properly. Plus, I think I look goofy in it. But the truth is, I really can’t give my work away. Even though charitable donations of my work have always been part of my business. Selling still has to take place.

As a small business owner, it is my top priority to make your experience, personal, pleasant, easy, and satisfying. My success depends entirely on your satisfaction. That is why you will always be able to work with me the artists directly, one on one. It is not unusual in the art world that the artist is not only the creator of their art, but the one who runs the business side of things as well. With that said, I look forward to helping you enjoy the beauty of nature through my work of nature and landscape fine art prints.

Wall Art For Sale

My priority has always been to offer the highest quality of photographic art available. There is a misconception by some that the more expensive the art the better it is. Since 2008, I have had the opportunity to experience the full range of the fine art photography market. Ranging from producing my prints in-house (which I still very much enjoy) to working with some of the most exclusive printers in the world which includes Material by Art Technologists Standard, practice for visual determination of lightfastness ASTM D5383-97. Sounds rather fancy and expensive I know. I can assure you, quality art, including museum grade and higher, does not have to have exorbitant prices. In many cases, a higher price does not equal higher quality.

The material that printed art is produced on will vary. Quality will vary, and the price will vary. In today’s high-tech environment, these variations are, in almost all cases minor. Even when the highest quality products are used, such as acrylic prints that employ “Diasec®” mounting, prices do not triple or even quadruple. Many times a slight increase in material costs will be used by an artist to justify a much higher increase in final selling prices.

Keep in mind, artists have the ability to set their own prices. Many times these prices do not accurately reflect the quality of the finished art. This applies to lower priced (that may be of higher quality than its perceived value) as well as higher priced (that may be lower quality than its perceived value) when it comes to printed artwork.

Master Editions

What are “Master Editions”? In the simplest terms, the master edition is what your print is produced from. It is the final processed image file that is used to produce the highest quality print available.

The initial capture of an image begins its life as a raw image file on my camera’s memory card. It is then brought into my computer where I begin the second step in the creative process. Each image takes on its own life in this process. It is during this time I begin to get a sense of what the image is truly about. Some come to life in a single session of an hour or so. Others may be developed over many hours, or days before a final master edition is complete.

These master editions are also used for my “Royalty Free” and “Rights Managed” downloads.

If you have ever wondered about the notorious “Limited Edition” form of photography art prints, I would encourage you to read this article. (Hint)) many photographers who employ this technique do not like to admit these things.)

Quality vs Price

The quality vs price debate in the art world is a tricky one. I firmly believe quality does cost more, but what exactly is “quality” art? Case in point. Prints on paper can vary in price by plus or minus 500%. That may sound like a tremendous amount. But one must keep something in mind. If a 16×24 inch print on a standard quality paper such as Epson Velvet Fine Art paper has a base price of $15, using a premium quality fine art paper such as Canson Infinity line of fine art papers increases the cost to just under $25.

The point of this is, better material does cost more. But it does not make the cost of the print go from $78 (the price of a typical 16×24 inch print on paper from my collection to $350 (the price of a 16×24 inch print by a west coast photographer). The extra money you pay is not for higher quality materials.

You can rest assured, and I personally guarantee, the prints that are produced by Fine Art America of my work are of the same quality material used by any other reputable producer of printed artwork. This includes state-of-the-art, professional-grade Epson printers, acid-free papers, and canvases with archival inks to guarantee that your art prints last a lifetime without fading or loss of color.

See all the options on the shop page for details.

dance of the coryphee brad mangas

Photographs & Nature

I offer my photographic work for sale for a few different reasons. As I hope you can tell, it is not for the sole purpose of financial gain. I have made an intentional decision to offer prints on various media, all at what I hope most will find to be reasonable prices. There are plenty of high-cost photos available from many photographers. I can only guess they value their work themselves more than I value you being able to own a high-quality photographic print.

There are distinct separations between, enjoying nature, creating art, and being in the business of selling what you create. When an artist places too much emphasis on the creative side or the business side, the enjoyment side will always suffer. I have always wanted and needed the enjoyment side of experiencing nature to be the primary purpose and allow that to guide the outcome.

My hope is that as you spend time exploring the nature photos on this site you will get a sense of how nature can play an important part in our lives. The part that keeps us hopeful when hard times are present. The part that brings comfort when we find ourselves in need. The part that brings happiness in times of difficulties, knowing we are able to experience the positive bounties of our wonderful world.

Photos for health, well-being, and enjoyment.