If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes. -Pablo Picasso

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A few creative notes on my photography, experiencing nature, and living life.

Most of my photography takes place close to home. Or, at least within a few hours from home. I do travel further on occasion. Maybe a Springtime and or Autumn trip to the Mountains or Ozarks. Still, both these places are within a day’s drive from my home base in NE Kansas. There have been and still may be visits to the Oceans and desert areas of the United States. I always look forward to travels to new lands.

Over the years, looking forward to traveling has, in some instances been the most enjoyable part. Exploring a new location in no way guarantees good photographs. That is true no matter where one is. There are many aspects that go into creating a photograph, the least of which is where you are.

Taking The Picture

It has been said that if you want a great photograph stand in front of a great subject. I understand this statement, but that doesn’t always work out. Sure, much of the problem could be with me. But there are other unknown issues that can, at a moment’s notice cause the most thought-out plans to go awry.

On many occasions, I have set out to photograph what I thought would be a great subject. Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset. Only to have my attempts thwarted by Mother Nature. More and more I try to keep plans to a minimum. I may decide on a specific area, such as the county, and then further narrow it down to the direction to travel. Other times I just go with the flow and let my imagination guide me. Over the years it has become apparent that the photographs made when planning is at a minimum are the ones that move me the most.

You simply can not plan for the “spectacular event”. All I can hope for is to be there as much as possible so when Mother Nature decides to share such wonders with the world, I will be there to witness it. And, maybe, just maybe, be able to photograph it on top of that.

Create The Image

While I like to believe there is a sense of reality in my images, the truth is, reality, or realism, is not my guiding principle when capturing or processing an image. Every image is uniquely different. Even if taken just moments apart. In the field, there is a gut feeling that determines what I capture and how I decide to capture it. Later, when processing it in Photoshop it seems to be more of a mood or ambiance I try to get across.

With this being said, the final image may be much different than the original capture. Not in subject per-se, but in quality of color, contrast, and light. This can at times extend enough to make the initial subject unrecognizable. These are personal creative decisions I make with each and every image that ends up on my website. By then they have, in some form, spoken to me and I have replied.

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