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© Brad Mangas

I seem to be a sucker for ebooks, not that buying them makes anyone a sucker I just have a hard time passing them up. Finally a cheap instant way to get a book. My computer and iphone are filling up with some of the latest offers. I don’t have much time to read them at present but I did make time to enjoy one of my latest additions, and the best thing is It’s FREE! If you are a nature lover and especially a lover of trees this “lil ebook of Trees” is for you. Beautiful pictures and a short read Samantha Chrysanthou offers her insights to the strange and wonderful nature of our barked friends. Be sure to check out her blog as well.

lil ebook of trees copy

©Samantha Chrysanthou

Just click on the image above and download for Free! Be sure and check out all the offers from Visual Wilderness.

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