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Offering artwork online has many challenges. Offering fine art prints is uniquely challenging. Mainly for the simple fact that you can’t experience a physical print by looking at a computer screen. It is important to make something very clear. The actual print can look slightly different from what you see on your computer screen. Colored pixels on a digital screen are not the same as colored ink on paper and canvas. The resolution of your computer screen is not the same as the print resolution of a physical print. Your digital device’s screen is backlit, a physical print reflects light. The physical print in nearly every aspect is far superior in color fidelity, detail, and clarity to what you see on the screen of your digital device.

The Process

Each print regardless of size or media on which it is produced is individually crafted one at a time. It begins with the original capture file that is transformed into a master image file. Master files contain the creative and ascetic aspects that I have chosen to be instilled into the scene or subject.  

More importantly, each print I produce is unique. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to producing fine art prints. There are quick, easy, and cheaper ways to make photographic prints, and there different ways to produce high-quality true fine art prints. Differences become apparent in detail, clarity, quality, materials, and longevity. My process is much different than the quick and easy approach. Master print files are prepared based on the final print size and desired print media. Each is different and each must be prepared individually. This must be done to maintain the highest quality possible in the final print. 

All prints go through this preparation process before any printing is done. Test prints are then made. Then the final print is produced. You can rest assured that each and every print is meticulously crafted down to the smallest of detail. From the printing equipment itself, media, substrates, laminates, and finishes.   

If you have questions on any area of the print-making process do not hesitate to contact me. There may be many questions you want to ask. I understand, you should feel completely comfortable before making a purchase of art of any kind. Hopefully, the art you chose will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. If you are serious about purchasing a piece but insist on seeing an example first please contact me. In most cases, I can provide you with a small version of what you are interested in free of charge. 

Over the years I have been down many roads when it comes to creating prints. Dozens of comparisons have been made and are continually made as I continue to seek out the highest quality materials and processes available as technology continues to change. There is one fact that has come up over and over. There are big differences in how prints are produced. These differences are very noticeable in comparisons. My goal has always been to provide the highest quality art I possibly can. Today I am completely confident in what I offer and stand behind each and every piece with my personal guarantee. 

You can read more in-depth information about each print style we offer. Including plaques, acrylics, and paper. From sizes for that small nook to large expanses of wall space. We can even work with custom framers when framing is needed.

Specialty print products such as vinyl wall covering and printed glass panels are also available. Contact us for more information on our special products.

I appreciate the consideration in being able to help provide the art to help instill the magic and beauty of nature into your life.

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