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About Our Printed Art

When the quality of your artwork matters you need to know how it is produced.

Offering artwork online has many challenges. Offering fine art prints is uniquely challenging. Mainly for the simple fact that you can’t experience a physical print by looking at a computer screen. It is important to make something very clear. The actual print can look slightly different from what you see on your computer screen. Colored pixels on a digital screen are not the same as colored ink on papers and canvas. Resolution of your computer screen is not the same as print resolution of a physical print. Your digital devices screen is back lit, a physical print reflects light. The physical print in nearly every aspect is far superior in color fidelity, detail, and clarity to what you see on your digital devices screen.

The Process

Each print regardless of size or media on which they are produced are individually crafted one at a time. It begins with the original capture file that is transformed into a master image file. Master files contain the creative and ascetic aspects that I have chosen to be instilled into the scene or subject.  

More importantly, each print I produce is unique. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to producing fine art prints. There are quick, easy, and cheaper ways to make photographic prints and there different ways to produce high quality true fine art prints. Differences become apparent in detail, clarity, quality, materials, and longevity. My process is much different than the quick and easy approach. Master print files are prepared based on final print size and desired print media. Each are different and each must be prepared individually. This must be done to maintain the highest quality possible in the final print. 

All prints go through this preparation process before any printing is done. Test prints are then made. Then the final print is produced. You can rest assured that each and every print is meticulously crafted down to the smallest of detail. From the printing equipment itself, media, substrates, laminates, and finishes.   

If you have questions on any area of the print making process do no hesitate to contact me. There may be many questions you want to ask. I understand, you should feel completely comfortable before making a purchase of art of any kind. Hopefully the art you chose will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. If you are serious about purchasing a piece but insist on seeing an example first please contact me. In most cases I can provide you with a small version of what you are interested in free of charge. 

Over the years I have been down many roads when it comes to creating prints. Dozens of comparisons have been made and are continually made as I continue to seek out the highest quality materials and process available as technology continues to change. There is one fact that has came up over and over. There are big differences in how prints are produced. These differences are very noticeable in direct comparisons. My goal has always been to provide the highest quality art I possible can. Today I am completely confident in what I offer and stand behind each and every piece with our unconditional guarantee. 

You can read more in depth information about each print style we offer. Including plaques, acrylics, and paper. From sizes for that small nook to large expanses of wall space. We can even work with custom framers when framing is needed.

Specialty print products such as vinyl wall covering and printed glass panels are also available. Contact us for more information on our special products.

I appreciate the consideration in being able to help provide the art to help instill the magic and beauty of nature into your life.


Plaques have become our most prized mounting option when it comes to our fine art prints. Our plaques offer a beautiful, simple, and durable solution for your art needs. 

Our Gallery Box Plaque

The print is professionally mounted to a 3/8″ MDF wood substrate which has been sealed and protected from humidity. The print surface is sealed with a a special archival protective crystal laminate designed for fine art prints protecting it from UV rays, dust, and fingerprints. This provides excellent image clarity and contrast and makes it UV, water, and fingerprint resistant. It can even be wiped off with a damp rag.

This mounted print is then finished with a 7/8″ deep edge with a 1/8″ bevel surrounding the print. Resulting in an extremely elegant, modern, and durable print display that hangs flush against the wall using an easy to hang french cleat system. Total finished depth of our Gallery Box is 1.125″. Our standard edge treatment is gloss black with other colors and wood tones available upon request (see samples below). 

When the prints are mounted in this way it creates a very elegant and professional look which enhances the visual appearance of both contemporary and modern environments. You may also inquire about our options for a more traditional look such as traditional framing. It typically takes 3-4 weeks from the time an order is placed until it is shipped. Our plaque gallery box mounts arrive complete and ready to be hung.


In simple terms acrylic prints are prints face mounted to acrylic. Nearly all run of the mill acrylic prints produced today use a common sticky film to simply “stick” the front of a print to a piece of acrylic. Our acrylic prints are not your run of the mill options that are produced by many print labs throughout the Country. We have partnered with Reed Art & Imaging to be able to offer Diasec Acrylic prints. Reed Art & Imaging is the North American Leader in Diasec® production and the first to bring the licensed process to North America.

Diasec is a museum approved method of print preservation and presentation.

A fine art print is sandwiched behind an acrylic glazing and another archival substrate. The adhesive used in a real Diasec is a silicon adhesive combined with a proprietary product that ensures a complete and permanent bond. Unlike sticky film based acrylic face mounts that look similar, Diasec is engineered to never separate, peel, or fail. 

Diasec gel remains flexible after curing and simply will not separate from the acrylic. Facemounts have been around for over 50 years and genuine Diasec is the only technology proven to never fail. Period. 

Diasec Acrylic Print Mounting provides the extra smooth and extra pop visual benefits you will see. This is the premier presentation system for bringing detail, color and tonal range to life in a way that traditional photo framing cannot.

Our Diasec Mounted Trulife Acrylic Prints

Your fine art print will be Diasec mounted to 1/8″ UV protection, abrasion resistant TruLife® Acrylic glazing. Edges of the acrylic will be finished to a satin finish. A second 1/8″ backer will be adhered to the back of the print using archival adhesive creating a literal protective sandwich for the print. A metal float frame will be attached to the back allowing the piece to float away from the wall approximately 3/4″. Our acrylic prints are ready to hang the moment they arrive. 

Acrylic prints typically ship within 3-4 weeks to ship from time of order.


We are extremely proud of the canvas prints we produce. If you have ever seen a photographic print on canvas and thought, ho-hum kind of dull and boring looking, you will be in for a big surprise. Our prints on canvas are anything but ho-hum boring. We believe ( and I admit I am bias on this) we produce the highest quality prints on canvas available, period, end of story. I have seen dozens of variations of prints on canvas and nothing has ever come close.

We start with our unique one of a kind art and produce a master file designed especially for canvas printing. As with any and every order, we produce exactly what is needed for the highest possible finished product possible. 

Our image is then printed using archival pigment based inks. These inks are printed onto Herculean 21 mil thick, brilliant white poly/cotton canvas materials. Our canvas carries a seal of approval from the Fine Art Trade Guild and is OBA-free, so there are no chemical additives that could make your colors yellow with time. And if that isn’t enough, every piece is coated with an archival UV satin topcoat to protect against fading, moisture and abrasion. 

At this point it still is not complete. The finished printed and protected canvas is then hand stretched over wood harvested from managed forests that makes our canvas stretcher bars strong and sustainable. (Not to brag, but our wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.) We even consider our packaging the best around.

All this goes into each and every canvas we produce. Your canvas comes ready to hang with pre-installed hanging wire whether a gallery wrap or framed gallery wrap. 

Canvas Gallery Wrap

Gallery Wrap Canvas – No Frame

Framed Canvas

We highly recommend you check out our framed canvas option. The gallery wrap canvas is placed in a simple yet elegant float frame. We use a dark wood toned “etched” wood grain eco- friendly frame. The canvas is then mounted and appears to float within this frame. The frame is 1.5″ deep.

Check Out Our Framed Canvas Here

Prints On Paper

Fine Art Prints On Paper OnlyOur Traditional prints are produced on fine art paper. They are “prints only”. They require mounting, matting, and framing after purchase. I encourage you to work with your local frame shop for personal needs and service.

Prints are produced to museum archival standards utilizing large format fine art inkjet printers and carry our exclusive guarantee. 

Prints on fine art paper will also have an additional unprinted border around all sides of the print. This border size will vary on custom sized, cropped, and panoramic format prints. Borders of prints on paper are considered a necessary part of the print. Allowing for proper handling and matting. Unless instructed at the time of order I will choose the best paper to produce the highest quality print that enhances both beauty and detail of each image. All prints are signed and come with a Certificate Of Authenticity.

We do not offer limited edition prints. Beware of those who do. If you would like to know why I would encourage you to read this: Limited Edition Prints.

Custom sizes for all prints are available at no additional charge, prices based on a per square inch bases.

Any image from Brad Mangas may be converted to Black & White at no additional charge. Proofs will be sent before ordering.

Only the highest quality of fine art papers are selected and used.

Prints only typically ship within 7-10 days from time of order.


I try to make the ordering process as easy and simple as possible. Orders can be placed directly from this website when you view an image in the gallery. The most common sizes will be listed in the price list. Many images may also be ordered in custom sizes to meet your needs. If custom sizes are needed please contact me to discuss your needs. If you have any questions or need help with ordering please use the contact page to contact me. I will get back with you as quickly as possible.

When you first view an image you will not see sizes or prices available. In the lower left corner, you will notice 4 icons. These are (in order left to right) Play (to start and play a slideshow of all images in the gallery, Fullscreen (to view image fullscreen), Information (to view information on the image), Cart (to view the price list and available sizes), and Proof (the star icon, to select image and submit a proof to me. Read about proofing at bottom of any gallery page).


Shipping is free to anywhere within the Continental United States. Please contact us for shipping outside the US. 

I understand, there must be a level of trust

Purchasing art of any kind online is not easy. Art is after all a very visual item. I get it, you really want to be able to see it first. Plus there must be a level of trust on your part that I will provide you with what you expect if you do decide to make a purchase. If you are at all reluctant to place an order without speaking to me first I highly encourage you to give me a call, ask me lots of questions, and let me help put your mind at ease. I am here to help with any needs or concerns you may have. I am an independent artist and work from my home so there is no physical gallery you can visit. Over the years I have helped hundreds of individuals, businesses, institutions, corporations, and healthcare providers, purchase their art. I have great confidence I can help you as well.

You may also take full advantage of our free no obligation design service. Learn more here: Design Service

My phone number: 785-224-6027

This is my personal number and at times I may not be able to answer at the time you call. Please feel free to leave your name, a number you can be reached at, and the best time to return your call and I will be happy to do so.

Service & Support

We are completely responsible for the experience you have when working with us. We don’t actually have a magic wand but we will do our very best to help with any questions, concerns, or issues that you may have.  Many questions may arise before any purchase takes place, we understand. Our years of experience with the work we produce may help answer many questions.

Our support and help does not end after the purchase. We will always be available to answer any questions. We want you to be completely satisfied before, during, and after any purchase you make. We actually insist on it.

Our Unconditional Guarantee

Your purchase of any fine art print on archival papers, canvas, canvas gallery wraps, or any custom piece you purchase includes our lifetime guarantee never to fade in color or print quality. In addition to your lifetime guarantee of quality, your purchase comes with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any piece for any reason you may return it within 12 months for a full refund. That’s right, you can return a piece at anytime within 12 months from date of purchase for a full refund. There is no catch, but there is a stipulation. The art you return needs to be in same condition it was when you initially received it. Please contact us before you ship any item back for a refund.

When shipping art tremendous precautions must be made to insure it is not damaged. If you return a piece for a refund you are responsible for the packaging and shipping costs. If we receive a piece that has been damaged during shipping we will not provide a refund. Please package and ship all items the same as you received them. It must be in the same condition as when originally purchased.

If you receive a piece and it was damaged during shipping from us to you we will immediately replace it at no cost to you. You simply need to provide a picture of the damaged piece. We can not refund a purchase if the piece has been damaged after you receive it.

I am fully confident of what I offer and stand behind all of it 100%.  –Brad Mangas

Free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Shipping available to Canada and overseas. Rates based on weight, package size, and destination. Contact us for available rates.

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