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OK, I know I’m getting old but a week went by before I had remembered about this months wallpaper offering. (And that’s about all I’m going to say about that.)

In keeping with a seasonal theme I looked around at some Autumn images and I always go back to some of the leafscapes images I have made. For some reason I love shooting leaves in the fall and even into the winter time. I’m fascinated with not only the color they provide but the graphical lines and detail that can be found when examining these subjects closely. So that’s what we got this month.

This image has been processed as a monotone with a slight sepia tone added. When I done this the acorn seems to get lost in the leaves so the color was kept for the mighty little acorn as this did seem to be the subject of this image.

Thanks for you patience this month and have a great Autumn!

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October 2012 LS 2308