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Even though it is two weeks into the new month I still feel obliged to get a new wallpaper up for everyone. I do feel obligated to make these available at the beginning of each month but sometimes that just doesn’t work out exactly as I would like. Since I don’t mark the images for any particular month they can be used whenever you want anyway so the exact date they are available I supposed is somewhat irrelevant.

With that said I will plow forward. This months offer is one of the most recent images from my outings onto the wintry landscape. Taken recently while exploring around one of our many county lakes this happens to be the closest to me. Shawnee County (which I reside in) State Lake is a typical size body of water compared to all the other state lakes. At approximately 135 acres according to the department of wildlife and parks it is situated along the very norther edge of the county making it a pleasant 15 minute or so drive from Topeka. I really like the area it is located in. A vast rural area with wonderful open fields and views in all directions. Good roads encompass the entire lake making all spots easily accessed. I frequently will make it a locale to visit when time or desire forces me to keep travel distance to a minimum.

A late winters evening as the sunset behind me I kept my attention on the wonderful pastel colors of the eastern sky. I really liked the frozen and open patterns on the water that seemed to pair up nicely with the clouds.

I hope you enjoy this months free offering.

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Chilling Beyond

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