FL 3033

© Brad Mangas

A trip to Gage Park in Topeka ended with this wonderful image of the tulip garden. When presented with such vast options to photograph it always seems to take more than just walking around taking pictures. This scene was looked at in a variety of ways from a variety of compositions. To the right of the walk is a small pond, to the left is a huge rose garden. I settled on this view to help incorporate the curving stone walk and was even able to include the distant redbuds at the top of the frame. Lowering the tripod to just above the top of the blooms and moving in to with 1-2 feet of the closes blooms seemed to be the key to capturing the expanse of the scene and still maintaining a up close feeling.

Get out and enjoy this annual delight in your area. Grab the camera and capture some of the beauty that comes around once a year.

Click on the image to go to the gallery for a larger view. Print is available as the April 2010 POTM  matted to 16×20  or as  print only in a variety of sizes including canvas gallery warps.