© Brad Mangas

I had visited a local rose garden a week ago and managed to capture a few shots for the daily pic. I knew at the time I would need to return and make a more serious effort to capture some of the winter flora that covers the grounds.

I spent a couple of hours enjoying a little treasure hunt looking for subjects to isolate. The roses hanging on to cold thorny stems seemed every bit as beautiful in the grips of winter as they do in the heat of the summer months. The wilted heads dropping with petals, wrinkled as colors fade are still able to exude their beauty though fading but not gone.

It’s easy for one to get in the typical mindset of when to enjoy certain things in life. Don’t limit yourself by time or place. Look in the corners of nature when others walk by. Go on your own treasure hunt to find the hidden pleasure that mother nature offers year round. Open your mind as well as your eyes to the beauty of, The Winter Rose.