I have to believe this old abandoned stone farm house was the beginning for at least one family if not a few. It’s so cool to find these stone structures along the country roads. Yet another reason to get out and about and to explore the local lands we call home. A good subject for a complete series of posts at some point.

I have to mention something I’m testing out that I used to process this photo, Topaz Adjust. I’ve been reading and checking out others work using this photoshop plugin and I actually like the variations it can produce. It seems to be a rather powerful tool in exposure and color control or you can go nuts with it and produce images that well, they are hard to describe.

This shot of an abandoned stone farm house has enough merit to stand on its own in my opinion.  And will more than likely end up in the gallery as a print offer, this is without the adjustments I placed on it here to this extent anyway.

I’m going to be looking a some of the existing images thru the eyes of Topaz and see what can be achieved. May be some offerings made available.  I’ll try not to let the kid in me run off to crazy down the road of extreme modifications, but hey, if it’s fun and I like it, I’ll probably go for it.

Photography is so subjective, and I’m not about to something just to follow the crowd. It would be impossible for me to get away form capturing nature the way I see it anyway. One just needs to always remember, stay true to yourself. Exploring new roads is one on the joys of life, just make sure you got some good solid wheels under first. When you stop they will still need to hold you up.


On the subject of wheels, here’s a shot of my long time trusted companion, uhhh, well guess I never actually named my truck can you believe that! Let’s just call him or her, hey I have no problem driving a female truck, wow that actually sounds kinda fun!  Let’s go with Silverado, aren’t I creative :-D

Thru the eyes of Topaz as well. Ok, so I’m playin already. I meen what do ya expect. Now, where’s that dog at!