© Brad Mangas

I wanted to get another image on here that was taken the same morning as the “Beauty of the Morning” shot I posted the other day.

I stood almost in ah as the sun slowly made it presence above the trees lining the eastern edge of Shawnee Lake. It’s times like this the calm patience of nature photography takes on a very different approach. It’s amazing how fast the sun does move when your wanting it to stand still. With every push of the shutter release, compositions are made exposure needs checked and proper focus made due to the fast changing light falling on the land. On a good day I may be able to make 10 plus images in a 2 minute time frame. Some will be right on, some not so much.

I liked this particular image for the small presence of the sun just peeking over the trees. Allowing the brightness to just be visible helps with holding attention to the main areas of the image. In this case the soft colors fill the frame with glowing attention.  The colors quickly changed from the blues of predawn light to the yellows, reds and oranges made by the rays of the sun. All within the time it takes to capture a few fleeting moments.

Larger view can be seen at the gallery site by clicking on the image.