Creek Sycamore

©Brad Mangas

I can almost set my calendar according to what I choose to go photograph. Or is it, I choose to photograph according to the calendar? I’m not sure it matters. The work continues according to the places I am in and how I see things from day to day. I do seem to have a handful of “go to” places I visit at certain times of the year. Not a bad way to go through a day, week, month, or year.

I welcome the changing of the seasons. I talk about them a lot here. They are marvelous and seem almost magical to me. When others are dreading the end of Autumn I seem to get just a little excited about what is next. Sure I would like a season like Autumn to last a little longer but, if it would last to long I think it would take the magic and excitement away from next years season. So I plug along with what has been laid out before me. Going into late November isn’t the end of colorful scenes it is only the beginning of different colorful scenes. Probably of different colors yes and probably with lots of brown and possibly white in it but, that again is exciting or at least fun to watch for.

The leaves have fallen, most of them anyway. It has been kind of a strange Autumn. There are actually trees that are still green while their neighbors are bare. With the cold temps we have had the last week the green won’t last much longer I’m sure.

When I am in a little in between time as this time of year seems to elude to I have a tendency to stick close by when I feel the urge to grab the camera and explore something. I have for the last few years, right around this time, had fun exploring Shunganunga Creek that runs through Big Shunga Park and is within walking distance of home. It is quite convenient for sure. I head there at many different times of the year but, late fall and winter seem to get me over there a little more often.

Some years back I discovered that it can be quite colorful along the creeks edge with the leaves that have fallen and still hanging on to color. It becomes challenging looking for patterns and intricate designs. It also can be a little frustrating like many things. I have considered buying a pair of hip waders just so I can wade out in the water and get to those just out of reach things. It’s kind of like the grass is always greener mindset. I think if I could just get over there I could make a really neat picture! Yeah whatever, I have plenty I supposed to keep me occupied without wading in cold partially frozen creek water. At least for now.