© Brad Mangas

I read a post recently (and borrowed the heading)  by Moose Peterson on his Moose Blog. This is another blog I keep close tabs on. Each blog I follow on a consistent basis seems to have it’s own unique qualities and learning opportunities. People talk different, write different so this allows for different learning opportunities even when 2 people are talking about the same subjects.

Moose talked about his many years as a photographer. From the time as a 21 year old working in a camera store and feeling like he was missing opportunities until his present day experiences. A few things caught my attention in his writings that I wanted to expand on in the context of photography and wanting to make it a life profession.

Why do some seem to get the perfect opportunities handed to them, while others work their butts off for years and may or may not get the same opportunities? The only reasonable answer to happenings such as this is, “That’s Life”. Most basic things in life are the same for everyone. You need to breath,eat, drink, sleep ect. But when it comes to opportunities things just aren’t the same. With that being said only the people who stay at it and don’t give up will even be prepared for opportunity if and when it arrives. If you stop trying, forget about any opportunity period.

Without the journey there is no photograph. Simple put, the process and experiences one has along the way is more important than the making of any one photograph. Without the journey you would have no sense of growth, no sense of understanding of what it takes to go from a person who works hard for a goal to a person who knows how hard it is to reach a goal. Be thankful for the opportunities you are getting today, they are the journey’s you will cherish tomorrow.