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© Brad Mangas

I continue to research the health benefits of nature. To date limited research has been devoted to this idea but it is growing. Some exists and with that the evidence does show beneficial attributes.  One such community to devote research to the relationship between health and nature is message.

Meristem, the botanical term, refers to specialized cells responsible for plant growth and regeneration. Thoughts come to mind about the relationship between bodies of life. It is most clear in the plant communities. Plants not only survive but thrive in conditions that best meet specific criteria. This goes beyond the basics of food and water. In many aspects food and water is not enough to keep plants alive. Of course many conditions must be met to support life in a healthy regenerative fashion.

It’s not a stretch to understand this relationship when dealing with human life. We too have specific criteria beyond food and water that must be met to sustain life. Life in a regenerative, positive fashion. It is becoming evident that the physiological well being of a person does have impact on the physical.

I will venture on a limb here and state: Ask anyone you know to name one of the their favorite places they have been. It would be extremely surprising if those places initially stated had anything to do with being indoors. I believe they all would be places with memories of natural beauty, mountains, prairies, oceans, national parks or just out in the country side.  Field of wildflowers, sunsets over the ocean. The sights, sounds and smells of that which sustains our lives beyond food and water. Happiness, joys of life.

Nature, we all want, we all need to experience it as much as possible. If not the complete package of personal inclusion then at minimum the pleasure of viewing natural beauty. Nature photography can and does provide this viewing. Recovering health with nature. It can begin with looking at a picture on the wall.