© Brad Mangas

A picture of health can be many things to many people. For myself it is nature and all that it has to offer. I make time to visit a few other sites online dedicated to health care art, and have learned that nature photography is becoming a very popular resource for health care facilities to incorporate into the aesthetics of the over all design of interiors. Be it lobbies, waiting rooms, even patients rooms, being able to experience a scene be it grand or intimate can provide benefits that promote health.

I have been fortunate in finding  scenes that hopefully are not only visually pleasing, but in this case incorporate a wildflower that is known for it’s health benefits. Echinacea, the purple cone flower. Growing wild around many parts of the country including where this image was taken, Shunga Park which just happens to be within walking distance of home. I came upon groups of these a month or so back and knew I would make more visits as they progressed in growth. I particularly liked this intimate scene for the addition of the what appear to be the hairy sunflowers growing with the cone flowers. I think beauty just like to hang out with beauty.

The processing of this image became creative to help bring out the warmer colors of the cone flowers. A soft look was added to the image with a Topaz Adjust layer which to me  gives a  misty morning look and feel to a scene rich in color.

The benefits of nature, the benefits of good health all work together to help make this image, the picture of health.

Canon dslr, 70-200 f/4L, partial metering, manual exposure, 0.0 compensation

ACR, CS4, Topaz Adjust

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