aroundthewebI’m always scouring the internet on a regular basis looking for stuff. Yeah stuff, I don’t know what else to call it. There is a lot of “stuff” on the internet. But mostly when I get down to the nitty gritty it has to do with photography stuff. Things to read things to look at things to learn. There is even some really good stuff on the internet.

I post on this blog mostly about me after all I’m an expert when it comes to me so why not. When I really think about it, it can seem a little trite. I think I just need to become more interesting. I’m a pretty laid back type of person for the most part and sometimes that can come across as boring but I think that can be improved with better time management at least when it comes to sharing new thoughts and ideas. It’s not that I don’t have them but by the time I get around to sharing them I have forgotten most. I’m not real sure why I’m sharing that bit of information about myself but it popped into my head and out my fingers to the keyboard it went. OK, enough with all that stuff.

I came up with the idea recently of sharing some of the unique or interesting things I find online. They will probably be photography related but not necessarily. I like technology as well and find many articles that are helpful to me and might just be helpful to you as well. So from time to time I might share some non-photography related items. I will place all these types of posts in a category entitled “Around The Web”. It will easily accessed from the “Blog” dropped down menu at the top of this site.

So to start this off I’m going to sharing a website that I somehow stumbled across a few days ago and was so captivated by this photographers images that I marked the sight with my “instapaper bookmarklet” . This instapaper thing is kinda nice, sorta like bookmarking a sight without adding it to your normal desktop bookmarks. I find it useful for sights that I might not want to bookmark permanently but might want to get back to and read a specific article at a later date. I think I may have just shared a second “Around The Web” tip without even trying too!

So, here is what I came across. I fellow photographer named Philippe Sainte-Laudy. Now before I say much more I need to make it known that I can not read a word of anything on his site. It just so  happens to be in French and about the only word I know in French is fry. But somehow I came across an image that mesmerized me. It’s entitled Chaud & Froid and I found myself just staring at it for a bit in amazement.

If you have a few minutes and want to look at some amazing images I would encourage you to check out Philippe Sainte-Laudy.