I am very happy to now offer select images of my photography for use as computer desktop wallpaper, Free! I will be offering new single images every month with the thought of sticking to seasonal offering that coincide with the time of year. This may vary from time to time and additional images may be offered.

Note about the images:

Images are formatted according to the original image as captured by the camera typically at 2×3 ratios which means, they are not necessarily formatted for specific monitor sizes, they are saved here in 2 sizes: 1200px (pixels) wide and 1600px wide to help accommodate different size monitors. If you are using a laptop or smaller monitor you may find the 1200px size to fit your display better. For larger monitors the 1600px image is provided. You may first click on the image to enlarge the view and see which size will best fit your display, then close the enlarged view (lower right hand corner of image) and use the posted smaller size you see here to save as your background.

To save as your desktop background simply right click on your size of choice and chose; set as desktop background, image will be saved without borders to your desktop background. Then in your desktop properties chose the best properties to display your image. (Example; center, fit, stretch).

Thank you again for your interest I hope you will enjoy this new feature of Brad Mangas Photography.

November, 2011

“Autumn In The Flint Hills” – Location, Konza Prairie, Kansas


Autumn In The Flint Hills (1200 px)

Autumn In The Flint Hills (1600 px)