Whoever wishes to investigate medicine properly should proceed thus: in the first place consider the seasons of the year. – Hippocrates

It has been quite a struggle keeping current on the blog the last month or so. Summer has brought many directions in which to go. Time has been spent trying to do the things that need to be done along with the activities of things that just want to be done. Overall life has been good, somewhat busier than expected and thus the feeling of falling behind seems to nip at my tail each day.

I did finalize the new Kansas 2014 calendar late last night and now just waiting for final approval from the printers. Being the second year of my self published calendar it was somewhat easier than last year and thank goodness for that. I was late in my opinion last year in getting it in my hands and that led to rushing around to various potential sales outlets which many thought it to late in the year to add another calendar to their inventory. Hopefully getting it in my hands withing the next couple of weeks will help with some distribution to those potential retailers.

Always Be Reaching

Kansas nature photography


I have another project in mind but once again I am pushing the time envelope. A goal of publishing my first print book has never left my mind for the last year or so. There seems to be much planning in doing such an undertaking and time will dictate whether it happens in time for the holiday season this year. Doing things for the first time with little or no experience has never been a distraction or problem for me, but I know myself well enough to accept the fact that it will need to be just the way I want it before I pull the trigger on making it happen.

All that being said, I hope everyone’s summer is moving along with great experiences of nature. So far this summer the weather has been grand in these parts with only about a week so far that the heat was somewhat stifling. As I sit here this morning the weather outside is super duper. After 3 days of clouds and rain which was indeed needed the sun is shining and the sunrise came with temps in the 70’s! This has allowed for some trips into the prairies to enjoy the bountiful lands lush with tallgrasses and wildflowers.

I have made a couple of trips where I didn’t even take the camera out of the bag but had a wonderful time anyway. A  few days ago I stood in an area of rolling hills and green grasses and simply watched the sunset. I literally said “I wish this moment wouldn’t end.” Yes I said it out loud and yes I do talk to myself when out in these places. Really I feel as if I’m talking to someone or something else. I know there is a listener even if I don’t see one with my eyes. Most of the time that is the best kind of listener. I can stutter and stumble and say goofy things and it always OK. There was a feeling of great pleasure and appreciation that I only seem to experience when out in such places. It’s something that a camera just can not capture but ones soul will hang on to for a lifetime.

Experience Healing

Nature photos


This moment happened a week ago as well. Where I found myself at the shores of Melvern Lake and stood well after sunset waiting for a view of the first start of the evening. I think it was a planet actually but not sure which one and it really didn’t matter. It was about being there, being part of something bigger. I long for these moments when distractions of life seem to disappear and are replaced with the feelings of contentment. I plan to keep filling my glass until it runs over. As long as it is filled with all that is good, good things will spill over for all to experience.

So what is it that heals a body when science has no medicine? Enough said.


View of Grace