As I had mentioned a couple of posts previous I would share the images being offered up for the 2011 Summer Edition of KANSAS! Magazine. The images have been submitted and received so as promised here is the first sneak peak at what may (or may not) show up. Kansas magazine has been a very good regional publication to work with. I’ve had images published since my first submissions the spring of 2009. Published quarterly I guess that would be the last 8 issues plus calendars for 2010 & 2011. I had the pleasure of meeting Editor, Jennifer Haugh this last summer at the Kansas State Fair. I volunteered to work in the KANSAS! Magazine booth the opening weekend back in September, I had a great time and met tons of great Kansas folks.

I usually try not to submit a great number of images but this time I ended up with 19 and that’s a lot,  it’s usually more like 8-10,  I try to vary things best I can in what I submit but it’s easy to get carried away. [photospace]