Hey it’s Friday! Thought I might as well keep my momentum rolling along this week with another journal entry. Again I feel the need to talk and share my thoughts about grass. How could something that seems so ordinary, even mundane to most, be such a source of inspiration to me? I really don’t care why that is but, I am sure glad it is.

Delicate Dancer

© Brad Mangas

Of course you know I am not talking about just any grass. The kind you (and I) have to mow all summer long, well I would agree that may be hard to get inspired by. But when it comes to the Granddaddy of grass that is a completely different story. What is also amazing is that there seems to be more than one Granddaddy when talking about grass. I won’t bore you with a history lesson on grass but, I would like to recommend reading what I have previously wrote and shared on the subject. It’s a simple one page entry that is found when you view the About page then click on the Logo link at the bottom. Here is a direct link to it, Logo. It simply describes my use of the grass symbol in my logo along with information concerning the tallgrass prairie and even a nice little video starring Lyle Lovett! Lyle Lovett? Yep the singer/song writer Lyle Lovett. You may be wondering what in the world is Lyle Lovett doing making a video about the tallgrass prairie? Funny you should ask. Did you ask? I will tell you anyway.

It all took place in 2010 when Lyle Lovett was special guest and performer at The Symphony In The Flint Hills. As the story goes he was so moved by this land, people, and culture that he volunteered to do a promotional video. I believe he done a great job and though I have never said so publicly, Thank you Lyle.

There is much that can be learned when it comes to the grasslands of this world. Their vital importance in filtering the air that we breath. The wildlife that it sustains. The pleasure of just being surrounded by simple beautiful life. It truly moves me to the core of my being.

I plan on spending more time in the very near future capturing and creating images of the grasses. I have much to look forward to. As I write this we are in the midst of summer. The lands are awash with greens and every variation of it. Soon the greens will begin to fade and a whole new round of colors will emerge. Again I will find myself surrounded by all that is good in an attempt to capture moments of pure delight. Delight in the grasses. I’m not sure it get’s much better.


© Brad Mangas