© Brad Mangas

This month Print of the Month ended up being Print(s) of the Month. OK so I can’t make my mind up, that’s not your problem so I decided to offer the 2 I really wanted to make available. Might as well start the 2010 off with a bang.

The first, I consider a special treat and I could not be happier with it. Nature photography takes on a whole new meaning when the nature involved is wildlife. In this case avian wildlife. Time spent out in winter holds many beauties, with the landscape covered in virgin snowfall, the air crisp and alive and the wildlife that calls it home everyday of the year filling sights and sounds with life.

This shot of one of the true beauties of the avian world, the Cedar Waxwing was just as much a treat to capture as any I can remember. Flying from tree to tree in search of winter food I was treated to almost an hour of a groups wonderful playfulness and able to come away with this capture.

The second offering as Print of the Month was a morning capture of the small foot bridge that resides in Big Shunga Park in Topeka, Kansas. One of many that exist along miles of trails winding through woodlands and open grasslands.  This winter shot is a wonderful representation of the winter morning fresh with snowfall and warm morning light filling the trees in hope of showing what remains of the mid winter colors.

© Brad Mangas

These and all Prints of the Month can be seen and purchased here at the Gallery, or just click on either image to go directly to that images page.