Windy but pleasant outside here today. The cool breeze always seems to feel good. I was wondering when I started this journal venture if the simple act of telling myself I needed to do something .vs just wanting to do something would make a difference. So far it seems to have. I know from past experience that goals a good thing. They need to be real, tangible, and at least initially enjoyable or at minimum know that you are working towards a better result in whatever it is you set your goal upon. Interesting how good practices seem to slip ones mind and immediately get replaced with old habits. The simple answer to this is good practices need to become habits. OK, enough obvious wisdom for now.

I have been reminded how much I like small cameras. For the last year 99% of all my images have been produced with my large dslr. A Nikon D800e to be exact. I have felt that is the one that needs to be with me. I have owned this for just about 10 months now after selling off all my Canon dslr gear and replacing it with Nikon. Why is another issue and not particularly relevant.  This thing has a thousand bells and whistles and I really need or at least want to know about all of them. So it has become part of me over these last 10 months.

The one thing that I have kept that in this case is a Canon (which again is not relevant at all) is my G10 point and shoot. It sets on my desk and I see it everyday. For the last 10 months that is all I have been doing with it. Along comes this journal venture and viola the point and shoot is my camera of choice. Hmm, what gives? Simply, the ease of use I’m sure. When something is easy we just do it more. Not that easy is better but, it’s just easier, dah.

The point is to find a way to make what it is we want to do more available. In this case it’s to create, learn, and share. Thank you my little G10 friend!

As will become apparent morning walks with Lexi will be a great source of inspiration for me to make a few pictures on a somewhat regular basis for this journal. That is not necessarily the goal of this but it will always be a part as with this post again today.  As you also notice I will have the tendency to ramble on about other things but, I will try not to become to obsessive with that.

On the news front, I have just made arrangements to have the remainders of my new Kansas 2014 Calendars made available to folks at a Kansas Regional Leaders Retreat Conference going on this weekend in Overland Park, Kansas. This has been made possible through my association with The Flint Hills Regional Council. I owe a big Thank You to Jeff Adams the regional planner and all the folks associated with The Flint Hills Regional Council, an organization I am proud to be associated with.

Here’s a picture that was taken yesterday during Lexi and I’s morning walk. Another great benefit of my small point and shoot is the ease and ability to take closeup photos. It seems to excel in this area. Taking closeup or macro shots really makes a person slow down and examine all the little things that for the most part we completely ignore. I will undoubtedly be paying more attention to everything once again.

I worked this shot up of a close up of leaves in the park, initially in its natural color state. Even though I liked the color version it just seemed to say black and white. More precisely monotone since I added a slight sepia tone to it. The boarder around it just seemed to work for me as well.  I am always intrigued by what catches my attention when looking closely at things in nature. In this case it was the two holes in the cottonwood leave that to me looks almost like two ghostly eyes peering back.

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