© Brad Mangas

When I was out driving some of the nearby country roads the other day dodging rain drops I drove past this somewhat simply old abandon house next to the road. I’m a sucker for old houses, there is just something that makes me wonder what it would have been like to live there, so I had to turn around and spend some time there. Back in the day this house was occupied life must have been very different. My first thought is it must have been much harder to live in such a place. Harder in what way I’m not sure. We get used to our way of life  and hopefully except and desire to improve on it. I very likely can imagine living in a homestead along one of the Kansas country roads years ago could have been the pleasure of the owners life. Fresh air, open land in every direction, the smell of sweet clean country air. It’s when we appreciate what we have that makes life worth living. All to often in this age of immediate news of all the bad things happening in our world we get caught up in just that, all the bad stuff. What a wonderful feeling it must have been to awake each morning to a new sunrise, the joy of freedom and the knowledge that you are home. But then again, we all can do that today, if we chose.