The history of art when it comes to healing and the well being elements for human is nothing new. It has been receiving much more attention the last few years with programs such as those relating to “Evidence Based Design“, but the benefits have long been around and noticed. In Western Civilization that idea can be traced back at least 5 centuries.

Leon Battista Alberti, (1404-1472) known generally as a Renaissance humanist polymath and Alvise Cornaro (1484-1566) an Italian patron of arts were of the believe that in the decoration of private houses, rural landscapes, harbors, hunting and fishing, bathing scenes, pastoral plays, flowers, and lush greenery were sure to elevate one’s spirits. And nothing was better than lovely landscape views for physical and mental health. So even as long as 500 hundred plus years ago the benefits of such art was well recognized.

Many attributes can and do play in to the benefits of nature art. Personal experiences will always play a major role in ones memories. But we can be confident that “nature art” truly is art that is capable of aiding in the healing process. From homes, corporate boardrooms to health care facilities the benefit of design and decor that brings forth a healthy state  is an essential part of an overall productive and healthy atmosphere.  Nature in the forms of paintings and photographs can help to achieve those qualities now being sought after.

Not all nature scenes can be considered beneficial. Subjects, colors, artistic approach all play vital roles in producing a final image that can be considered beneficial. I will share more of my findings on these and other specific attributes of healing art.

© Brad Mangas