©Brad Mangas

From a morning walk with Lexi to finding the gold and bronze glows of nature simple times just always seem the best. When out on a morning walk there is always the desire to capture a quick scene of nature, armed with my trusty pocket shooter at present being a Nikon P80 the process is as easy as point and shoot. What isn’t so easy is finding compelling scenes be they large or small that capture the beauty of nature while simply walking the neighborhood.

This particular morning the air was cool and our walk was at a comfortable pace, no need to hurry just enjoy while the goings good. Maybe it’s my fascination with trees or whats under or around them that pulls me to go take a closer look, maybe my mind goes back to when I was young and playing under that big locust tree in my friends yard that forces me to stop and look. This particular morning I’m glad of whatever it was that made me spend a few extra minutes around the pines and cottonwoods. Lexi always knows when she needs to just set patiently as I get down close to the ground with a camera in hand. As she waited I was able to find and capture a piece of this golden scene.

Again my confidence was reassured that you really don’t have to look far to find beauty in nature, you really just need to slow down and open your eyes.