One may think I would grow tired of writing about the beauty in nature and attempting to explain the experiences I have and what they meen to me, but the passion only grows stronger with each minute spent in the outdoors. How does one convey a feeling into words.

I spend a good amount of time revisiting areas that I am familiar with, sometimes seeing the same things that I have seen before but always in hope of finding new beauty. Like most I look at scenes as I have in the past almost wanting to force nature to reveal something new.

As I was out exploring a favorite wooded area and experiencing some of the same views as pasts visits it became apparent to me that in nature there is always something new the problem I was having was it wasn’t what I was expecting or wanting. Why should that make it any less desirable? Maybe the problem was how I was seeing things not what I was seeing. At times like this I have learned a few things from the days, months and years spent in nature with a camera gear strapped to my body and that is to just stop. Stop and don’t just look but stop and try to see, see what it is that you are looking at, can you understand what is providing beauty in a scene, surly it is there. Can you see small nuances that can explain what is taking place. Do you want to see them? If one tries I believe they can always find beauty in nature be it subtle or grand.

This was the case as passing a group of wild plum bushes. Nothing particularly stood out but there was a small difference between them and the surrounding woodland. The beginning of color change was starting to take place on these wild bushes, nothing spectacular but revealing beauty all the same. I knew there were opportunities for an intimate scene that could be given an orra of uniqueness to help explain the beauty that was not yet making itself standout.

Images were made, the beauty still subtle lends to eyes as that of a new coming season with hopes of great spectacular beauty for all the world to see. When we learn to really see what we are looking at there need not be the waiting for spectacular beauty, the world we live in is filled everyday with the unique qualities of life that make each day it’s own person scene of life if we just stop and understand what it is we are looking at.


© Brad Mangas