FAQ’s & other things you may need to know

Can I talk with you about questions I have? 

Absolutely! Let me first say, sometimes I am not the easiest person to get a hold of by phone. Many times I am simply not able to answer exactly when you call. But don’t let that keep you from leaving me a short message. All you really need to do is provide the basic premise of your call, your name, and if there is a best time to call you back. That’s all, and I will call you back as soon as I can. My personal phone number may be found on the contact page.

I am not comfortable ordering via credit card online. Can I order from you personally?

Yes you can. I am happy to help you order exactly what you want. We can talk via phone or email and you can let me know what you are interested in. If you decide you would like to place an order just let me know. I can invoice you directly which you can then pay by check.

How long does it take to receive my art after I order?

Depending on the style of art you order times will vary.

  • Prints on paper. Approximately 3 weeks from time of order regardless of size.
  • Canvas gallery wrap and framed canvas gallery wrap prints: Approximately 3 weeks from time of order regardless of size.
  • Plaque Gallery Box (ready to hang) Approximately 4 weeks from time of order. Please allow up to an additional week (approximately 5 weeks) for prints 30×45 inches and larger.
  • Acrylic mount prints: Approximately 4 weeks from time of order. Please allow up to an additional week (approximately 5 weeks) for prints 30×45 inches and larger.

Can I order a size that is not in the standard price list?

Yes you can. Custom sizes are available for any piece. All prints on any media are priced per square inch. There is no extra charge for custom sizes. Just let me know what size you are wanting.

I really can’t decide, can you help? 

You bet. I have worked with many customers over the years helping them find the perfect piece for their space. Because this is always one of the most difficult things to figure out I now offer a free design service that can show you what any print will look like on your wall. Learn about this great free service HERE. It has been a great help for many homeowners and businesses over the years.

What is your guarantee?

We actually have 2 guarantees. Your purchase of any fine art print on archival papers, canvas, plaque, acrylic, or metal, includes our lifetime guarantee never to fade in color or print quality.

What if I buy a piece and then don’t like it?

Honestly, this has never happened. But that is not to say it can’t happen. Rest assured, we will be there to help. This is the second part of your guarantee, and as far as I know, unmatched by any other artist anywhere. If you are not satisfied with any piece for any reason you may return it within 12 months for a full refund. That’s right, you can return a piece at any time within 12 months from the date of purchase for a full refund. There is no catch, but there is a stipulation. The art you return needs to be in the same condition it was when you initially received it. Please contact us before you ship any item back for a refund.

When shipping art tremendous precautions must be made to ensure it is not damaged. If you return a piece for a refund you are responsible for the packaging and shipping costs. If we receive a piece that has been damaged during shipping we will not provide a refund. Please package and ship the art the same as you received them. It must be in the same condition as when originally purchased.

What if my art is damaged when I receive it?
If you receive a piece and it was damaged during shipping from us to you we will immediately replace it at no cost to you. You will need to provide a picture of the damaged piece and in some cases may need to return the piece or cut out the bad section and return it. We will pay for any return shipping if this is necessary. We can not refund a purchase if the piece has been damaged after you receive it.

Fell free to use the contact form on this site to ask any question you may be curious about. I will do my best to answer any and all questions you may have.