Daily Photograph, December 1

© Brad Mangas

Over the holiday weekend I visited my Dad in my home town of Onaga, Kansas. As I traveled back to Topeka only an hour away I had time to make a few detours and visit some of the familiar roads and scenes that were part of my “cruzin” days of youth.  I’m not sure why up until now I haven’t spent much time in these areas, but I have a feeling that will change. One such stretch of road yielded some of the most wonderful open prairies and views of the flint hills that I have had the pleasure of seeing. I find it very comforting to be able to return to places that once seemed so ordinary and everyday. As life goes on I hope we all can take comfort in visiting places of our past and find inspiration in just being able to do that. Aging eyes seem to see the world in different light, now with the addition of memories and hope of things still to come. I have a few more shots from this area that I will share in the coming days.