This title ‘Fallin Snow’, just popped into my head as I started this entry, it must be on my mind for one, hey it just snowed dah, and two I have been listening to a new Christmas CD I purchased over the weekend that has song titled Fallin Snow. It’s the newest CD out by Transiberian Orchestra, I really think their music is cool. Them and Manheim Steam Rollers. I pretty much wear those CD’s out this time of year.

As every morning, I was out walking the dog and had the presence of mind to take my trusty fuji fine pix point and shoot camera with me. I have mentioned trying to keep this with me more for my daily pics entries, which I have, but have found myself supplementing some of the daily pics with either new or older filed shots. It’s really been giving me a chance to go through older shots and work them up and stay up to date on the new stuff as well.

I think, (and that’s what really matters here) I got some neat shots this morning while Lexi and I were out playing in the snow. Lexi is a Lhaso Apso and I tell you what, she loves the snow. I won’t go into it now but that breed’s history dates back to the Tibetan Monks and the  Himalaya mountains, and their love for the cold and snow still shows today. Little rascals are tough. Originally breed as interior guard dogs for the monks, they have a lot of spunk.

So coming back to the house I had to stop a few times and take some shots of objects like, a fire hydrant, some princess grass I have growing in the front yard and this shot of Shunga Park. I stood on the corner and easily managed to get what I think is a pretty good winter scene. These cameras make it so easy to do just what their name implies.

I made a few minor adjustments to the image with Topaz Adjust and gave it somewhat painted look, seemed to fit the feel of the shot.

Time is short this morning, extra duties caused by the snow we have and more we’re going to have. I look forward to getting more daily (made by the seat of my pants) shots on here. This winter may provide a good backdrop for playing and growing in “finding the shot”.

Be safe and stay warm.