© Brad Mangas

Took a walk yesterday evening with my lovely bride to our near by Shunga Park. I’ve mentioned the many miles of paved trails that run across a good portion of the city of Topeka. Meandering and curving around following Shunga Creek. It’s really gem of our community for anyone who loves being outside any time of the year.

I typically take the non paved trails which there are miles of as well and am looking forward to getting back in this area that has been designated a native grass restoration area. I was back in the spot last winter after a snow and came across 3 deer, a coyote and fields of little bluestem!  All this in the middle of a city with a population of over 120,000! How wonderful. I’m interested to check out all the native flora that’s making a come back here. Hopefully I will share some of the gems I find.

Take care of your land and it will take care of you.