© Brad Mangas

Another shot with the fuji p&s. I found myself driving along a familiar road at sunrise a few days ago and as I was approaching this coal fired electrical power plant I really wanted to get a shot of it. Now this isn’t the time or place to get into the pro’s and con’s of such facilities, but I knew with the steam and vapors coming from the stacks on a cold January morning it may make a cool shot. A kind I typically don’t look for unless my I have my trusty pocket camera and the conditions look right. I was able to slow down while going past and simply rolled the window down and held the camera pointing towards the plant and snapped this off. I don’t think I even took my eyes off the road.

I worked it up with a 2 separate Topaz Adjust layers and added an Orton effect to finish it off. I like the stark cold industrial look that ended up.