09012010 bradmangas DSCN2863

© Brad Mangas

Happy September! Does time move at different speeds depending on your age? It sure seems too. Tomorrows turn into next weeks and next weeks turn into next months and before you know it a whole year has went by. When I was young living to be 100 seemed like an eternity, now it seems like 100 years just isn’t that long.

Today’s photograph was taken this morning while out walking with Lexi. We had a wee bit of ran last night so the air was nice and cool and the grounds where wet. I saw this newspaper laying in a yard and just looked like something to take a picture of. When I got back close to home I stepped out in the wet street and took a shot of the wet asphalt. I thought I would try to use it as an added blend of texture in some shots. This shot is of the paper and a blend of the asphalt, you can notice the texture more in the lighter parts of the paper. Then I ran a Topaz Clean filter on the image just to make it even more different.