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© Brad Mangas

Something has changed, the daily pic will now be known as the the “daily photograph”. Why the little change in the name? Well, one of the blogs that I follow on a regular basis is PixelatedImage. A wonderful blog written by David DuChemin. I have garnered much inspiration from simply following his blog alone, but have also vested a few dollars in some of his ebooks which can be found at Craft & Vision. David recently wrote this entry on his blog and after reading it, like most of  his writings I could relate and had to agree with his premise, so the change was needed to practice not only what David brought out but also with my agreement.

Today’s daily photograph is one from my archives. I was going over some of the images that I have saved to cd sometime back and realized these images had not been backed up to secondary hard drives or to my online archival site. Many images I had not visited for sometime and thought it would be nice to share some here at the daily photograph.

This image was taken at Jenny Lake nestled in Grand Teton National Park. It was during a visit to this area with my dad in 2003 that helped  instill and strengthen the love of nature and desire to capture such views for others to enjoy. A quick new workup of this image in cs4 with a Topaz Adjust layer helped to bring out the the beautiful color and view of this wonderful area.