© Brad Mangas

Every so often I get an urge to just drive around town and and try some urban type of photography. I spent a day last winter in an older part of  north Topeka doing just that and I found it rather fun. The rainy weather has literally put a damper on spending much time standing outside with camera in hand, but hey I did come up with a homemade raincoat for my camera and lenses. I made them out of a small plastic trash can bag with a hole cut in the bottom just big enough to snugly stick the end of the lens through, wrapped a little tape around the end to hold it tight and I must say, it works great and cost a few pennies. You know the saying, where there’s a will there’s a way. I made a couple of them one for my 70-200 and one for the 17-40 lenses.

Anyway to today’s photography. I went back to north Topeka Saturday looking for something different. It’s where the Great Overland Station is and is where my Independence Day shots of the flags came from. Right down the street from the station takes you to the new Topeka Boulevard bridge. Actually just under the bridge. Skies where partly cloudy so I had to stop and take some shots of the structure. I found it fun to play with.

I believe taking time to shot subjects that are somewhat different to what one typically shots helps to keep the creative process growing in photography. We all need challenges in our days,  no need to keep doing the same old thing. Try to learn something each day and be thankful you can.