The Influence of Nature, Art, & Photography

We have, for possibly our entire existence, had a need for nature based art. Even before we knew what art was. We needed and still need a connection with our World, whenever and wherever possible.

Benefits of nature to humans

From the beginning of human history, nature has played a vital role in our creative expression. The lands and waters we rely on for daily survival shape how we view and interpret the world around us. And in turn, the art we create from nature’s inspiration becomes part of our personal and cultural identity.

In the United States, many people have rafted down the Mississippi River with Huck Finn or proudly sang of America’s “purple mountain majesties”, a reference to Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

In China, since the earliest dynasties, artists have glorified mountains as being the manifestation of nature’s vital power “qi,” attracting rain clouds that water crops and providing medicinal herbs that cure the sick. And in France, cave paintings have been found of horses, deer, and bulls dating back more than 17,000 years.

Nature’s beauty and power are ingrained in our lives, our history, and our culture. By conserving nature, we are helping nurture our artistic spirit and ensuring that future generations will continue to find inspiration in the natural world around us.

Nature inspired art and creative nature photography is not merely taking pictures of pretty things outside. It is a creative venture into what inspires life and why it does so. The importance of a moment that leaves lifelong impressions and helps to form a bond between oneself and the natural world. The photographs I create are not an attempt to document a place or time, though they may play such a role. They are, and become, a personal expression of my interpretation of a land, place, and time.

I attempt to create more than what most experience in ways that may not be fully understood. To ponder a sunrise or sunset, to understand what makes the grasses glow when backlit by the sun. To understand that these natural things happen regardless if one is there to witness them or not. To be thankful for the opportunity to do so whenever possible.


Benefits of nature based art in your daily life

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Why a Dose of Nature Is Essential to Your Mental Health

I believe most of us would rather be outside more than we are. Enjoying the benefits of nature in a relaxing and enjoyable way.

Truth is, life can be busy. Time enjoying nature and the great outdoors can be limited. That’s why it is all the better to have a small piece of nature within view, even in your home.

When was the last time you went out and soaked up some nature?

Art For Offices


Creating A Productive And Encouraging Environment

Face it, many of the jobs we do to earn a living are physically, and mentally tough. They can create stress, negative moods, and less than the optimal productive state. Help in relieving any of these situations is good. Nature however can help relieve each of them.

Views of nature in the workplace produce a very positive environment in which to work and may be the best motivation available. Mother Nature is a master motivator.

Hospital Waiting Area


How Art Can Help Patients Heal

Scientific evidence is clear and convincing. Viewing nature scenes plays a key role in creating a healing environment, which can improve patient outcome.  Research suggests that nature art can…

  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Reduce need for pain medication.
  • Increase patients’ trust and confidence.
  • Be a positive distraction for patients, visitors, and staff.

May you always be able to enjoy the bounties of nature.

I believe the remainder of my time on Earth will be devoted to exploring, experiencing, and enjoying, every part of nature I possibly can. Even when it may be a walk around the block, or down a dusty road. One extra minute in nature will never be waisted. When these times allow me to stop for a brief bit longer, and make a photograph, they will become more than just fleeting moments. They may become memories that last a lifetime. With opportunities to last beyond my own lifetime.

The quiet view from a sandy beach, or a lonely desert highway. The peaceful sound of songbirds from your front porch. These will always be the best of things. When times require we stay indoors, may a nice picture or two keep you company until you can once again spend time with Mother Nature.