Celebrations of Art, Inspiration, & Homeland

Light Upon The Lands FHSP 4424
Glory Land FHSP 0616
Solitary Dance ESSWI 9189
Lightslide TRFA 8326 1
From The Rocks RMNP 0515

A coral reef aswarm with ocean life. A honeybee busy over a flower. A forest standing silent guard over a river. Vast grasslands with their sea of green. These everyday sights of nature bring us joy, wonder, and comfort.

But can we quantify the… Continue Reading >>

We have, for possibly our entire existence, had a need for nature based art. Even before we knew what art was. We needed and still need a connection with our World, whenever and wherever possible.

From the beginning of human history, nature has played a vital role in our creative expression. The lands and waters we rely on for… Continue Reading >>

Seems a fitting quote by Walt Whitman, being from the land of the tallgrass I know all to well the magical work that is held in each leaf of grass. For the past 25 million years grasses have covered our world, from deserts to arctic tundra. Grasses are the most abundant plant life on Planet Earth. It goes without saying, I am somewhat biased when it comes to: “The Land Of The Tallgrass”… Continue Reading >>