Over the years of my exploration of the Kansas Flint Hills, I have consistently asked many questions to myself. What is it about my homelands that attract my deep interest? It does not seem to be tied to any particular time of year. Whether experiencing the green carpet of springtime new growth, the plethora of flora color in the Summer, the brilliance of the Autumns splendor, or the consistent wintertime scenes. It goes beyond any one or two things.

The connection of one’s homelands with the magical beauty of nature transcends all time and leaves me once again searching deep within my life for the understanding that, beauty is beauty, good is good, and life is abundant regardless of time and space. There are few things in this world that bring peace and an ever-flowing gratitude as can be found in nature. If I had only one wish for all of humanity it would be that all could feel the living force that surrounds us each and every day and never take it for granted.


Kansas Flint Hills

Strength ©Brad Mangas