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Hey I’m back on the blog posting circuit! There is an old saying that claims, “the more you do the more you get done.” Imagine me winking right now because if that is an old saying I have never heard it. I just made it up! Take note folks who keep track of famous quotes.

Sometimes starting a blog post is the hardest part for me and I have come to the conclusion that many times that is why I don’t post as much as I would like. I seem to go through spurts which it exactly what one is not supposed to do if they want readers to stay in touch. Whew, confessions are tough, at least for those who do them and mean it.

Yes it really is me again. You may be saying right now, “what in tar-nation is your problem! You going to have a blog and use it or what!” (I like that word “tar-nation” reminds me of Yosemite Sam). Hey cut me some slack I only have 8 fingers and two thumbs and this keyboard has like 50 keys or something on it!

I hope it helps to tell you I have been doing more and yes more has been getting done. Well, other than posting here. Dang maybe my old saying has a flaw in it. OK, enough running around the bush let’s get to today’s intended post.

The back story. Earlier this year while blasting around the inter-web I popped by my old friend Lenswork. A really terrific website ran by editor Brooks Jensen and staff. There has always been something intriging about the Lenswork site to me. It is just different in a good kind of way. I became a registered member of the sight a year and a half or so ago and made it a point to check in regularly. The devotion to photography offered by Lenswork is in my opinion second to none. Then, I guess a meteor fell on my head or something and I stopped visiting it on a regular basis.   My membership came up for renewal and I had to ask myself, do I want to renew? Is it worth it to me. Well I know it had been a source of good inspiration before so I figured since I don’t really have any other sites that I am a paid member of I should renew and really start using it like I originally wanted to. Wow am I glad I did!

First off let me say this just in case this post makes it back to the Lenswork folks. The site is sometimes less than easy to navigate around. It can seem to get how shall I say, convoluted. I don’t mean that in the extreme way but, at times It take me what seems to be many extra clicks here and there to get to where I want to go. Which really surprises me due to the over all ideals that I believe Lenswork stands for. Enough said on that.

I once again made a conscious effort to pour through the site and find all the insights it has to offer. The results to put it mildly have changed the way I think about photography now. No I am not going to start shooting urban scenes or portrait stuff. I am and will forever be (as far as I can tell at this moment in time) devoted to nature, wilderness, and landscape photography. Even more so actually. Subjects are not the issue it’s more the approach and what I want to do with the work I create. Hello folio.

OK, I am getting wordy here I realize so I am going to sum this up. The resource library that is available to members of Lenswork is worth the price of membership alone and then some. I am not trying to make this a pro Lenswork post really I’m not, but I have to be honest. It has been worth it to me.

Now for this folio business. These last couple of months I have been busy producing my first folio. In between creating this introductory folio which includes images for both print and web, text for both print and web which has meant a complete folio for print and complete folio for online in the form of a pdf (that can be downloaded completely free of charge by the way) the Autumn season has come and gone. Autumn is my favorite time of year and I was not going to miss it. Time was made to sleep under the stars of the cool nights along with lots of pictures being taken.  I also made some big changes to my existing gallery sight including a new pricing structure or philosophy that will be covered in an upcoming post. That philosophy being  a price reductions on everything I produce. And… well you get the picture. Believe me I am not complaining and am quite exited about everything I have done and still have to do!

Here’s the deal. I would be thrilled if everyone who reads this post would pay a visit to check out the folio, read the information there such as “what is a folio”, download the free pdf of the current folio Veris (right now it’s the only one but I promise more will follow) and let me know what you think. I would be especially interested in your experience with the pdf. Your comments good or bad would be greatly appreciated. This is something I can not do on my own, that being experience this from your end.

I have always been a do it myself person and honestly I’m sure I always will be, but this new direction so to speak of making high quality affordable work available in this new format of a folio is not about me, but rather about you the viewer and person who may be interested in what I do.  I thank you now for your time and valuable input.

If you would like to keep closer tabs on what I’m up to facebook would be the place to check. I regularly post something on my facebook page. If you have not “liked” the page yet please do so if you would like to catch all the updates. You can find my facebook page at:

I will wrap this post up with one more famous quote: “Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas”!