The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. -Bertrand Russell

A coral reef aswarm with ocean life. A honeybee busy over a flower. A forest standing silent guard over a river. Vast grasslands with their sea of green. These everyday sights of nature bring us joy, wonder, and comfort.

But can we quantify the benefits nature gives us, not just aesthetic, but tangible? In a world with so much poverty and hunger, how can we justify paying so much attention to conservation and the environment?

The answer is simple: Human well-being depends on the benefits that nature provides for free, everyday and everywhere. Humans depend on ecosystems such as coral reefs, forests, fertile soils, and vast grasslands to purify our water and air. Nature not only provides for us, it sustains us and life as we know it.

Benefits of nature become somewhat more relevant than just personal preference when it comes to visual art. Natural landscapes have been proven to have benefits far beyond simple aesthetics. There is an actual feeling of well being along with positive physical attributes that are associated with nature. The mere presence of a beautiful natural scene can have subtle and many times substantial positive effects. This association can be strengthened with photography when the photographs depict natural scenes such as is found in nature.

My work is commonly displayed in homes, businesses, corporate settings,  hospitals and healthcare environments for this reason. Nature can play an important and vital role in our lives helping to instill a sense of peace, well being, and relaxation wherever it is displayed.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
-Edgar Degas