© Brad Mangas

A shot taken along Shunga trail of Shunga Creek. Not all parts are pleasant to view, not that this is bad it’s only a storm drain from the road and parking lot from above hopefully no bad stuff makes it way into the creek (I can always hope). This was something different as I stood there looking things over and taking shots of different subjects is what learning and experimenting is about. I also used something different when I processed this image in photoshop, I used a Buz Filter which is part of Topaz Simplify plugin. Buz or Buzz was around some years ago and used much by a professional photographer Jim Zuckerman with some beautiful results such as this. I actually emailed Jim a few years ago and asked him about the Buzz filter and he told me the original company that put it out had gone out of business but being the helpful photographer he is he emailed me a copy of the program along with the activation key since it was no longer available. That program I have explored some and it is a powerful tool with many many options. I have since stuck with the Topaz Simplified version to achieve the basic Buz look much quicker.