© Brad Mangas

The noble man stands on grounds of history, overlooking the many that have come before him. Knowing,  when time slows, thoughts of life become a souls dream of nights gone by.

The dark of night is no longer lonely and isolated, but filled with sounds of peace, glowing stars and moon.

Stand in the dark with honer and your days will be filled with the brightness of the skies that lay before you.

A look, a glance, an outreached hand. Happiness does not need a smile, only the eyes of caring.

With strength and hope the noble will stand with head high and skies will forever watch over.

Not sure what the message of the words I just wrote carry to all who read them. The image of the man which I just worked up from a file I have had over a year seemed to render specific thoughts and hence the words came to me. Silly, poetry like? I’m not sure. Just thoughts expressed in words which I was able to put here into text before they slowly slipped from my head.

It may be something more than that to me. Could it be what photography has instilled in me? Not only a way to look at a subject be it an object, a landscape or a person. A way to feel what an image can do. We all have thoughts that are triggered by an image. Something you’ve done as a child or young adult. A place that you remember in those yester-years. Thoughts conger up images, and images conger up thoughts. Sometimes hard if not impossible to put a feeling into words. A thought into an image. We all try, we all succeed or fail. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. One can not know the difference unless they try. Relentless  pursuit of noble honesty has no failures, only journeys.

No need to worry about me getting all philosophical. Not real sure I would ever write such deep thoughts again. But if they come to me as I set here, there is a good chance I’ll try to get them down before “With Time” they slip the bonds of my memory.