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From a recent day spent exploring around the wintry lake. Snow has been at a minimum again this year but temperatures have been down allowing for some icy scenes to take place. I spend much of my time in areas like this exploring the intimate views in search of close up looks that help explain the area and capture the beauty that most seem to miss. That was the case as well on this cold winters day but I always have the twilight hours of light in my mind contemplating something bigger. Finding those views in what for the most part can be a bare landscape doesn’t come all that easy. Compositions typically need more that just a colorful sunrise or sunset.

I scouted out an area earlier in the day which would allow a open view of the winters sunset not knowing for sure if Mother Nature would cooperate with my plans or not. After arriving at my destination I hiked around and found some interesting looks and subjects and noticed scattered amounts of driftwood lying around. As the twilight hour approached I decided I would incorporate some of these random subjects in hopes of providing additional interest to the partially icy water.

Clouds can play such a big part in an overall look of images like this and many times determine the final look. Camera was setup low to the ground and back just far enough to get this sprawling piece of driftwood into the foreground scene. In all 40 images were made in about a 20 minute period, enough I hoped to capture not only the setting colors but clouds, reflective glow and silhouette of foreground and distant shoreline.

Watching a sunset has much more than a visual impact in most all cases. Easing out of the day allowing piece and thankfulness to enter ones mind is truly soothing for the soul. I hope you enjoy this months offering.

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