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The Wet Ones © Brad Mangas

I took a little hike in a wooded area last weekend and thankful that I did. The weather would have made (and did make) most stay inside. It was overcast, cool and a light sprinkle fell most of the day, Yippe! I wasn’t about to keep that from letting me enjoy time out in nature and as I found out I’m glad the weather was the way it was.

Nothing spectacular happened but then I wasn’t looking for or expecting spectacular. I was more in to finding calm and quiet. This particular place has become my go to area for early spring wildflowers such as the Fawn Lily, Dustman’s Breeches, Rue Anemone’s and May Apples. I simply love going there and walking the heavy woodlands.

I knew it was still too early for such wildflowers to be making their presents but it is getting very close. When I arrived I grabbed my trusty Canon G11 point and shoot tucked it in my coat and began walking the wet lands enjoying the very lite sprinkle that was falling.

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Ashes To Ashes © Brad Mangas

There had been some burning of some of the grassy areas I discovered on my way to this spot which wasn’t surprising this time of year but what I did find surprising was there had also been some burning in the woodlands. How this was accomplished without setting the whole area ablaze I’m not sure. But much of the heavy leaf cover from years past had been burned away along with some of the old fallen trees. I found this rather amazing and was quite pleased to see this. One of the issues this area always had with the proliferation of wildflowers was the very heavy cover of old leaves so now with much of this cover gone the sun and rain will reach the soil much easier. Wildflowers such as these are very small and delicate; I have never seen a Fawn Lily over about two inches tall so it’s about all they can do to make it up and out of the thick leaf beds. This was a very welcoming sight indeed. Now if we can just get the moisture needed I’m hoping for a wonderful crop of spring beauties!

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Wet Woodlands © Brad Mangas

I made some images with my point and shoot trying to protect it from the sprinkles best I could so the shots were quick and then back under my coat it went. One other thing that struck me as I walked slowly along in the woodland was how much color there actually is this time of year. Yeah there is not a lot of diverse colors but what is there is wonderful. Brown’s, yellow’s and oranges, funny how Mother Nature knows just what colors to put together to make them all produce a wonderful scene.

Spring fever, there’s nothing quite like it! And after tomorrow the days will be longer than the nights! Super Yippe!

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Lingering Color © Brad Mangas