[box] “You never fail until you stop trying”. -Albert Einstein[/box]


There is tragedy every day, every hour, every minute on this planet. In everyone’s lives tragedies will occur. From the death of loved ones, friends and acquaintances, to the less noticeable tragedies of loneliness, heartbreak, and rejection.

As a country and possible world we are made acutely aware of these tragedies through media outlets large and small. Our attempt to stay informed of events have led us away from those things that are truly necessary to provide well being and happiness even among such tragedies.

To feel and understand compassion is a noble human trait. To comfort those who suffer is the result of a humble person who understands compassion.

There must be those who are willing to grow in compassion and allow themselves to understand  the origin of happiness. This is up to each and every person who is willing to live a life of humble existence. The more we want the more we need. To want no more is to be at peace.

As I continue my attempts of creating that which I hold strong personal feelings for it becomes more apparent I am not creating art. I have no power to determine that which I do to be labeled with such high esteem. To me it is an attempt to express. Express thoughts, feelings, emotions in which I have no other way of expressing. Each day must be faced with this attempt. Failure is ever apparent with each attempt. But with each possible failure another attempt has been made, one more step has been taken, one more reason to try again.


Source Of Light

©Brad Mangas