Thoughts on my mind

Where does the time go? A common expression used by all. Does it go anywhere? Obviously the expression has no answer. It goes by the way side only to be replaced with yet, more time.

So how does time relate to photography? On a personal note, there just isn’t enough time in each day for me to get everything accomplished that I would like when it comes to shooting projects, processing images, marketing work, learning new skills and just staying up to date on everything new. But like all, there is exactly the same amount of time in my day as yours, and your day as mine. The same amount of time that is in the days of photography greats such as John Shaw or Tim Fitzharris (2 of my personal favorites).

So the question is, what do we do with your time? Do we use it wisely, or maybe just run around getting the things done we think  “have” to be done. True, there are things in our life we “have” to do. There are also things in our lives we “need” to do. Learn, share, grow. Each day these are the things we need.

Learn new ways to appreciate the beauty of life and lands.

Share what you have learned with all who have the desire to learn.

Grow in ways that only the previous two can offer.