© Brad Mangas

Hard to beat the colorful displays of the tulip. Botanical gardens are usually full of these bright colorful spring time beauties.

Topeka, the city in Kansas in which I have lived the past 4 years stepped the displays up last year and now boast the last few weeks in April as “Tulip Time”, a tradition they plan on growing I’m sure. The beautification of local areas be they around the lakeside, parks or down town is a welcome sight to those who call such places home or the visitors we are lucky enough to have. Growing the beauty of nature for all to share seems to be talked about in many communities hopefully it will continue to happen and help all get the chance to see how time, hard work and caring about the places we live can truly benefit not only the land but the lives of those lucky enough to experience it.

My hat is off to all the volunteers, citizens and city employees who have helped make this city a more colorful and appealing place to explore.