“This isn’t a critique of ones personal life but of the ones who create and express their world through creative outlets as the arts”.

As recently as yesterday I wrote these words, the quote is true to the commentary as written, my message, geared towards the creative outlets and to not be influenced by anything except your heart, your soul your desire to express your passion.

Then, as with most mornings I read others writings and these words standout in front of me as expressed by Guy Tal in his post The Art and the Life; “It’s not about photography, it’s not about art, it’s about living life. The purpose of one is the purpose of the others.”

These and subsequent words of Guy’s post struck a cord with me, maybe this is about one’s personal life, should it be? It has to be, again quoting Guy; “Good art is the product of good artist, good artist are good people. Good people are defined by empathy and humility. There is not enough good art.”

Empathy, humility, for each other, for our lands, for the living creations we share our world with. We don’t control it, we are it.

Kansas Nature Photography

© Brad Mangas



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