Have you ever been out in search of that perfect picture? Do you always find it? More times than not the answer is probably no, maybe you don’t even come close to finding what you had envisioned in your mind. I believe most photographers have had this happen if not a few times more than likely most of the time.

Visualizing what you are in search of is part of the process, an essential part of the result but when that doesn’t happen do you get discouraged and stop or begin allowing the environment to help with the process. Photographers are always in search of that perfect shot it’s what keeps us directly involved and moving forward as we should be. I would even garner to say we have been standing in front of that perfect shot and may not have recognized it. I have no doubt it has happened to myself more than once but that is no reason to give up and go home.

Appreciation of the moment can lead to many “perfect” moments, it has nothing to do with the place you are in or the scene that is in front of you but everything to do with appreciation towards what you have been given. We all should except there is no “perfect” shot but many “perfect” moments, the difference, we control the moment ourselves through attitude, acceptance and a willingness to appreciate all that this journey is about.

Next time your out in nature with our without a camera in hand stop and take that moment to realize what all has taken place before you to create what we see today. Appreciate the grasses blowing in the gentle breeze, the bird singing it’s song as ancestors before or filtered sunlight casting down on the lands these are the true perfect moments, lets not miss any of them.

Kansas flint hills photography

© Brad Mangas